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Welcome to Aesthetics Noir!

This is a new community for artists who create and appreciate the dark sides of art. This is not a community for prentious art snobs who think they're better than everyone else or just want to rattle off obscure artists to be impressive. If you are a sketcher, painter, writer, musician, photographer, model, poet, abstract visual artist, screenwriter or another type of artist; you create original art; you want to see the art work of others; and you have an inclination towards dark arts, join this community! And remember to fill out an Artist Bio upon joining -- it's an introduction, not a rating tool, so don't let insecurities stop you.

+ Rules for Members +

1. No degrading the art of others. Constructive criticism is allowed and encouraged, except when the artist has clearly stated that s/he doesn't want it.
2. If you post more than two pieces (or paragraphs, writers), you must post them behind the cut. A one- or two-piece preview outside of the cut is fine.
3. Post all artwork that is not "work safe" under an lj-cut with a "not work safe" warning in the subject bar.
4. Keep your posts art-related.
5. Don't be a pompous asshole or an emo whiner.
6. Please post a completed artist bio upon joining.
7. Fighting with the members is one way to get banned.
8. Put your artist bio behind an lj-cut, with the text "exposed became my darker side" (yes, it's from a Bauhaus song), so we know you've read the rules.

+ Artist Bio +,

+ Basics +
1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Musical Tastes:
4. Film Tastes:
5. Literary Tastes:
6. Describe a quirk of yours for everyone to remember you by:

+ Your Art +
7. What forms of art (painting, writing, music, etc.) do you do?:
8. Which genres or styles (impressionism, sci-fi, grunge, etc.) do you do?:
9. How did you get into the kind(s) of art that you do?:
10. What are some of your artistic strengths?:
11. What are some of your artistic weaknesses?:
12. What inspires you artistically?:
13. Who are your influences?:
14. Why do you consider your art to be "dark"?:
15. What will you bring to this community?:
16. What are you seeking from this community?:
17. Post three of your original pieces:
a) A self-portrait, or your piece that best represents you.
b) A piece you are proud of.
c) A piece that you are not proud of.